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April 5, 2011

Until #Feb17 events in Libya, I was in charge of a team whose responsibility was the creation of a centre for digital conservation of Libyan historical archives in Tripoli. Of course, our activities stopped and I’m back in France.
I’ve found a shelter near Lille and settled in front of the computer.

What’s on the shelf now?

I’m looking for a job in Heritage management and/or research. I’m applying widely to positions in Middle East, North Africa and Europe.
My fields of research and competence are:
– Heritage/Museum Management, Curatorship
– Cultural Politics in Middle East and Africa,
– History, Art History: Islamic Arts, Orientalism, Museums.
(Any offer? Please contact me)

I’m still finishing to write my PhD thesis. It’s a matter of rewriting and updating some of the issues I’ve been dealing with.
I’m eventually concerned on what happened in Egypt since #Jan25 in the field of heritage. I follow the polemics surrounding Zahi Hawass‘ appointment, resignation and reappointment as  Ministry of Antiquities. On one hand it offers a perfect conclusion for my thesis. On the other hand, it raises questions on the politics of heritage: will those polemics affect the way antiquities and heritage are managed in Egypt? Would Hawass’ resignation change the restitution and repatriation policy he implemented? There are already some clues of what could happen if anything would change.

Few articles are going to be published soon:

– on the significance of the Arch of Marcus Aurelius in Tripoli (Qantara, Spring 2011),
– on the Egyptian Superheroes (of the past) (in Florence Quentin’s Livre des Egyptes, Robert Laffont, 2012),
on the Cairo Museum of Islamic Art (in the continuation of F. Pouillon’s Dictionnaire des Orientalistes),
– … [that’s perhaps enough for now, isn’t it]

I’m looking for a way to talk about our work in Libya which was a great project.

Stay tuned and keep updated. And please, do keep/get in touch!

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