Happy 2012!

January 2, 2012

Best wishes for 2012Happy New Year and Best wishes for 2012!

2011 has been such a year: I wish 2012 to be… Grand!

I start it anew. Lot of changes occurred in 2011 – on a personal level, I mean, as I have been affected by the unrest in the Middle East. After a lot of movements and a long and epic fieldwork for the Arab Image Foundation, in Novembre 2011, I finally took a Project Officer position at the CFEE – Centre français des études éthiopiennes, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). I’ll be in charge of their heritage programs. In particular, I will lead the restoration works of a part of the National Museum of Ethiopia permanent exhibition. New challenges ahead!

Inventing Islamic Art suite: I’ll post some articles and excerpts published in 2011 and soon to be published here and there.
First, anticipating on the Louvre Department of Islamic Art opening, we’ll continue with a series of publications on the invention of Islamic Art. Stay tuned on this page!


One Response to “Happy 2012!”

  1. Thanks for starting this site …. Hope more is to come.
    Good luch in Ethiopia!

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