Dictionnaire des Orientalistes, revised and enlarged edition

December 24, 2012

Dictionnaire des Orientalistes de langue française, édition revue et augmentée

The Dictionnaire des Orientalistes is living a third life: the 2nd revised and enlarged edition has been released last week! It’s a new version of the Dictionnary I already talked about (see here). New entries were added, mistakes were corrected. In all, the 2d edition is about 100 pages thicker than the previous one. In the meanwhile, the team (I should write network) worked hard and published that book: Après l’orientalisme, l’Orient créé par l’Orient.  These are perfect christmas presents, aren’t they?

I was honoured to write new entries and correct old ones. I was specially honoured to write an entry for Oleg Grabar which inspired a lot my approach and still remain a model.

2 Responses to “Dictionnaire des Orientalistes, revised and enlarged edition”

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  2. […] led by Lucette Valensi, Jean-Claude Vatin and François Pouillon which led to the publication the Dictionnaire des Orientalistes (2009, 2nd ed. 2012). The success of the Dictionnaire paved the way to another reflective work on […]

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