Opening of the Gallery of Paleontology at the National Museum of Ethiopia

December 6, 2014

The Gallery of Paleontology at the National Museum Of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa was officially opened on 3rd of December hence celebrating the 40th anniversary of Lucy’s discovery. I managed this project from November 2011 to August 2014, while at the French Center for Ethiopian Studies.

View of the Gallery When I left Addis six months ago I was incredibly frustrated the National Museum project goals had not been achieved yet. It involved a great amount of effort and time, and my contract was coming to an end. Nevertheless my successors and partners managed to eventually make it happen.


Museum-making is a huge and long collaborative team-work effort which involves many professionals, from scientists to curators, stakeholders, funders, designers, planners, workers, and so on. The museum galleries as the visitors see them are the result of their expertise as well as the subtractive sum of compromises all the actors make along the process. It also takes perseverance and endurance, a lot of good will and strong political support. Special thanks and congratulations to the team I worked closely with: Benoit Leturcq, scenographer and graphic designer (website); Maria Bascones, architect and interior designer. They have made it possible and have been able to keep up the high standards of quality we were aiming for. I might publish a short account on this experience soon on this page.

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