Gambella, West of Ethiopia, on the border with Southern Sudan. Extreme borderland, entangled with multiculturalism and wars. There’s a smell of genocide in Gambella.

This is the story of a margin on the margins. Ethiopian colony in Sudan, Sudanese enclave in Ethiopian territory. Ethnic groups -Nuer, Anuak- , Highlanders (forced) migrants and Sudanese refugees of civil wars. The failure of multiculturalism. Failed dreams of modernization and industrialization. Violence.

This is a history of violence, stupidity of identity, wars and dirty State business. This is a story of a remote globalization in a forgotten place.

In the Heart of Darkness?

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2 Responses to “Gambella stories”

  1. it is good to know samething about native home land.I am very concern about Gambella and it history.

    thanks for every one who has contributed for all to be something readable

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